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For information on licensing my plays please contact Mark Orsini at Bret Adams, Ltd.


THE SECRET WISDOM OF TREES is the story of Abby Green, an intrepid and fiercely funny septuagenarian, who tries to prepare her family and herself for her journey into Alzheimer’s by planting trees at the locations of her biggest memories. When her daughter dies and her grandchildren turn against her, she struggles with knowing that even her most painful memories are becoming difficult to hold onto. What’s worse – losing your family or losing the memories of what has become of them?

guilty until proven innocent

Sam Chey, a highly successful Cambodian-American lawyer returning to Phnom Penh for the first time since his parents fled the Khmer Rouge, tries to find justice for a young man framed for murder. While grappling with the idea that corruption within the Cambodian legal system is status quo, he begins to question whether or not he can save the day, the way his American psyche insists he can. Inspired by true events currently happening in Cambodia.




In a battle with her brother to keep their grandfather's restaurant from being demolished, Abigail Lee finds out that saving the past isn't always the same as fighting for the future.


TILL SOON, ANNE (book & lyrics, with composer Bobby Cronin)
TILL SOON, ANNE is the story of a young woman at the end of her journey with brain cancer, who gathers her closest friends and family together for one final perfect weekend.

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LOOK UP (screenplay/revived musical drama)
A veteran Broadway dancer sidelined by an injury finds the rhythm of her reinvention after discovering a fearless young subway performer.


BARCELONA (book & lyrics with composer/lyricist Jason Ma)
Julianna, an American novelist, travels to Barcelona to connect with her dead sister Antoinette, after a family heirloom mysteriously materializes in a dream she has about Antoinette and famed architect Antoni Gaudi. We travel between time periods – from Gaudi’s era (1879 and 1926) into 2015, mixing fact and mostly fiction. In this Barcelona, time and reality is fluid.

Paper Son.jpg

PAPER SON is the story of a young Chinese man who must learn to balance his American identity with his family’s immigrant journey. It’s 1952, and when he meets his match in an American-born-Chinese girl, romance and new questions about the name he lost in his secretly illegal immigration follow.



Rebounding from repeated personal tragedy and intent on setting the record straight about his life’s work, Frank Lloyd Wright at age 65 gives a press conference about his new autobiography and plans for enduring the future


DIARY OF A DOMESTIC GODDESS (co-written with Kevin Duda)
Meet Maggie Jones, a quintessential 1950’s Iowa housewife who is “perfectly perfect in every single way.” Every morning, she sets out her husband’s suit and tie and shoes and socks, presses his shirt, whips the butter, bakes the bread, polishes the silver, knits a sweater, sets the table, weaves the napkins, fries the bacon, scrambles the eggs, picks up the paper, and pours the coffee – all before 8 a.m. But, something is missing. She can’t help but think that she can do more…but what? Perhaps a visit from a mysterious traveling salesman, who presents her with The Hollywood Housewife Records, will hold the key. Soon she is acting out zany, pre-recorded scenes with her favorite celebrities. As Maggie gets swept away by the stories and characters she plays, she discovers that learning to say what she really means makes her more “perfectly perfect” than she ever could have imagined.


Loosely based on a true story, INTERNAL BLEEDING is about an Olympic bound gymnast who becomes estranged from his parents after an accident leaves him paralyzed.

adventures of a faux designer handbag

ADVENTURES OF A FAUX DESIGNER HANDBAG is a comedy about three friends frantically trying to find a limited edition handbag. They are catapulted through space and time from the maze of Chinatown, New York, to the Splendid China theme park in Orlando, Florida, where they try to discover if authenticity is really in the eye of the beholder.

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